Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brazil 2010 - ;Update from Paradisio

Ok, so I learned that we are experiencing a highest temperatures on record since 40 years ago. Consistently, the temperatures are 39 - 42 degrees celcius, which is Farenheit is about 100 degrees. Thats hot. Even the locals are feeling it, I hear. We are seeing vendors on the streets selling hats and sunglasses more than last year, and people tend to shut down in the afternoon. We found this little Internet cafe where we visit to talk to the world and get some air.

Carnival preparations are under way in Rio and in Marica. Last night as we sat by the pool waiting for a cool breeze, we could hear the sound of drums off in the distance. That, and the dogs barking.

Across the street from us, there are mango and cashew trees about the size of an elm tree at home. A family of Tamarins are living, which resemble monkeys, but with ringed tales. They have the face of a Koala, but their faces are about the size of of a quarter. We give them bananas, which the neighbors disapprove of, but they are so cute. I got up close to take some pictures, which I will post when I can.

Thats all for tday. Ciao!!!


Windnsnow said...

Have you exhaled yet?

emily durbin said...

Hi Lynn,Good information.Glad you are doing ok in that heat.Tlak soon.