Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brazil 2010 - Speak like a Canadian, Shake like a Brazilian

Last night, we were in downtown Buzios at a street pub called The House of Rock and Roll. A Brazilian band entertained us with Elvis, ACDC (Back in Black), Guns and Roses, CCR, Pink Floyd (The Wall), James Tayor . . . it passed the test of every hard core Western music lover.

Our contingent of 8 Canadians held our own, and I must say, proved that the classic beer commericials that we know and love are true of who we are. The devil horns - heavy metal salute - was our common language. And while the band entertained us, we entertained the Brazilians.

We sang like Canadians, and danced like the Brazilians. You know it, the samba can be danced in any language.

Ciao for now.

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