Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brazil 2010 - the land of the sun and the eternal garden

Here in the land of the sun and the eternal garden, paradise can be found. 39 degrees celcius temperatures, lush green vegetation virtually everyone you look, and the vegetables and fruits of an umlimited quantity. We are in Marica, a little suburb about 1 hour away from Rio. Here in Marica, the streets are busy with people doing their local shopping, taking their beautiful fat babies to the clinic and just living the life.

Since our visit last year, there have been changes. For one, there are more cars and newer cars, a sign that the affluent in the surrounding cities have discovered this oassis. Apartment buildings have been resurrected this year that were piles of what looked like rubble last year. Condo complexes have been built, complete with security systems, cut glass-topped walls and barking dogs. There is a new rule that garbage must be elevated or put in cans out front rather than being left on the street. The dogs seem happy and well cared for. They roam free, but they look healthy. Apparently, they get checked out regularly and are fed.

A happy change for us touristas is the rule that cars are supposed to stop for people. So while we still take our life into our hands when we cross the street, they sometimes stop. There are lines in the road so that must mean something.

Rio is another story. The streets are dirty and they say its not safe there. Yestedy our driver, Mauro, took us to the city and made sure we were in the safest places. But one has to be careful there. Lots of poverty. Lots of problems. I guess one can expect that when 9 million people co-habitate.

I love the small town life in Marica, and judging by the growth of this little town, so do many people from Rio.

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Emily A.Durbin said...

Hi Lynn,Yes,I guess there are changes in one year.Glad you seem to be safe where you are.Are there other people there this year? Watch those dogs!!!