Friday, February 5, 2010

Brazil 2010 - Learning to Exhale

One week ago Thursday we left -38 degrees celcius and the land of winter to the land of the sun and the eternal garden. It is a shock to the senses, but a good one.

Yesterday, in Rio, the temperature was 50 degrees celclus - that is 110 degrees fahrenheit.Hot. In Marica, it was about 43 degrees celcius. We just hung out in the air conditioning. Whereever we could find it. And in the absense of air conditioning, we found awnings and large over hanging tropical leaves to hang out under.

The locals carry around facecloths to dab themselves, uttering muito calor , which means, maaaaan, its hot!!! So today, I ventured down the hill with a bright orange face cloth tucked in the back of my shorts like the locals. I look good.

Tomorrow we are heading to Buzios, a tourist town 142 km east of here. Buzios was made famous by Brigitte Bardot when she took off her top and bringing playboys from all around. But do not worry. Our Saskatchewan boys would not qualify.

Off to check out the shoes and have another ACai to make ready for our trip for the weekend.


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