Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Best Day Ever Experiment

While holidaying in Brasil recently, everyday I would say out loud - "this is the best day ever." Everyone would look at me at first, like I was crazy. Didn't I notice that it had rained for 2 days straight. Were we not dripping in sweltering heat together, literally unable to wear underclothes? Where we not all scratching our freshly pierced skin in unison after an onslaught of some strange Brasilian mosquito?

Yes to all of that. And it was great. Everyday was the best day ever, because every day was another day that I was in Brasil. A place that I never planned or imagined that I would ever be. And here I was. Ecstatic, and loving every moment of the experience, good and bad.

When it rained, we ventured out in the rain and got wet. When it was sweltering hot, we jumped in the pool, or sought out a palm leaf to stand under for a while. Every moment was a gift. Every day was the best day ever. For 2 weeks, I would exclaim "This is the best day ever" and I at first the reaction was mixed. Some of my travelling friends looked at me and smiled pitifully at me, wondering if I had gotten too much heat, or consumed one too many mangoes. Others rolled their eyes and grunted. And others laughed and played along with me. Pretty soon others were saying it too and even being creative about building the statement into their conversations - "if we do this or that, it can be the best day ever."

Even leaving Brasil was the best day ever, because it was a new experience. We could speak the language a little better, understand how to navigate the world that we were in, and we were going to be returning how to the things we were all missing - our families, our homes, hearing English again and being able to speak to others, and even our favorite foods and restaurants.

So I promised myself that I would continue this experiment and see what changes in my life. Every day, I promised that I would say out loud at least once - this is the best day ever.

OK, so I have to admit the first shot of freezing winter that I could feel through the windows of the airport in Saskatoon kind of took the enthusiasm away for a while. Once I hit the temperatures in Saskatchewan, I was not feeling "best day ever-ish." Let's just say I had a rough landing.

But now after one week, I am acclimatizing, and ready to begin the experiment. Every day from this point on, I will say "this is the best day ever" and say why. I am going to document reactions - mine, yours, the store keeper - whoever happens to be in my path.

Today is the Best Day Ever because I ready for new start to see the world with fresh eyes again. Let's begin.


Patterson's page said...

great insight! I think this will bear great fruit in your life and affect others too! I was reading a blog where the woman posts 3 things she is thankful for each day. I am considering starting to do this! I have a blog (not for writing per say - I don't really like writing - not my forte) but to show pics to Aaron's mom and just to record some of this time in our lives with small kids. Mine is at I was going to message you to read my post from today because there is a funny story that involves you....check it out...

Anonymous said...

I like your approach, but mine works from the other direction.
I approach each day, Eeyore-like, not expecting anything...I never fail to be surprised.

I am disappointed if I have expectations, but if I have none, I never fail to be, at least, amused.

--lunch guy.