Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best Day Ever Status Update

When I say, this is the best day ever, people tend to look at me like I have a learning disorder. I have since learned that Sponge Bob Square Pants actually has a song about this. Good for Bob.

I have noticed that when I say that, people smile. They actually seem momentarily relieved. Like there is some hope. A vacation from the toils of the moment.

The times when I said, "This is the Best Day Ever" actually turned out to be good days. Yes, things happened like they do every day - it's still winter, for example, and people still drive like they got their license out of a Cracker Jack box - but the effect was still positive. I enjoyed the people in my day more, and every encounter. Work was more fulfilling, and coming home was great too.

So this makes me wonder, why don't we approach more of our lives this way. Why is it so hard to say these words. Do we enjoy the drama that bad days bring. Do we live for drama?

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