Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Day Ever - Status Report

could fly to work from there. (Our local flyer had the day off apparently). Our youngest daughter came with us and slept all the way there. We spent the day in Saskatoon and shopped her favorite store. We actually had the whole store to ourselves for 1.5 hours, and we bought so much we actually had to rethink our purchases. In the end, we got something for everyone, which we will share. Then, we went to Booster Juice and celebrated with wheat grass shooters and Acai before driving back to Regina. Later this evening, both girls and I went for Sushi and it was very enjoyable to be together. I made the statement, This is the best day ever, and both times the girls laughed. The first time, Sara looked at me smiling, like she felt sorry for me as I am such a big nerd, but she joined in. Caitlyn smiled and laughed too. The BDE impact is this: Smiles, decreased stress, decreased anxiety and increased cooperation and tolerance. hmmmm.

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