Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Strategy to Run with the Elephants

I have a theory about elephants and mice that drives my business strategy.  You may have read about it here, but in case you haven't it goes something like this.

Elephants represent big business that have complex requirements as a result of their governance structure, shareholder needs, regulatory requirements and expansive bottom lines.  Elephants tend to move slowly as corporate business does, but they have a huge impact on the environment with every step they take.

Mice on the other hand represents the small to mid sized businesses.I like to refer to them as emerging and decidedly nimble enterprises, since their resources are more limited than their elephantine counterparts. Being small and nimble has its advantages when it comes to making decisions and taking advantage of opportunity in the marketplace. The issue that they face is one of capacity, often related to people and money.

So what's a mouse to do, I asked, upon noting this observation. How can I help?
After a year and a half of working in the private sector both as an entrepreneur and a consultant to private businesses, I have refined my own business plan and launched it in my new self-created website at 

According to research, business is business and the number one cause for failure is inability to access the resources need to run small and mid sized businesses.  Strategic planning, communications and marketing are the top 3, followed by accounting and financial management, human resources, and legal services.  

Back to the question at hand:  How can I help?  The cost of services is often prohibitive because of one word: overhead.  Many service providers simply have enormous costs that must be captured in the work they deliver. These kinds of organizations can serve the elephant market well, but they do not serve the small and mid sized market well.

I decided to be a "decidedly nimble" company having rolled with the elephants for many years.  I have a penchant for emerging businesses and the entrepreneurs who live by their vision.

My strategy is one of economies of scale and providing professional strategy and communication services at "MICE" sized rates. I can also access other professionals who provide high quality products and services that this business sector needs to run with the elephants and not get trampled.

Please visit website and contact me if you are planning to get somewhere.

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