Monday, October 1, 2012

We gotta get out of this current state.

I have been thinking about skies quite a bit lately.  Some may think I am day dreaming, others may wonder what I see up there in the wild blue yonder. It's not just thin air up there. In fact, the sky in my world is a very busy place.

Maybe I have had always a fixation with the sky because I was born in Saskatchewan in the land under the sun in the city that rhymes with fun.

I spent the majority of my happiest and most free times on our farm just near Westbend, Saskatchewan.

I am claustrophobic, which I believe is nature's way to telling me that I was not meant for a cage.

Nature would be correct. I am not a fan of cages or any form thereof. That includes the word no. I prefer how. I like change and I don't usually wait around for it. I am impatient and someone would say intolerant of ambiguity. I like clarity. I like precision.  And I like the feeling of the open air on my skin.

Admittedly I am feeling a little claustrophobic these days. I have this urge to take to the sky in search of new air, new possibility and new experiences.  My eyes are fixed outward on the horizon because I feel the walls closing in on me as I write.

Yes, changes are in the air and I don't expect to spend much time on dry land, as it were. My first e-book titled, "How to be a Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond" is now written and moving into the publishing stages.  There is much branding, marketing and social media planning to do. As I become a publisher there will be new things to learn and new lines of business to explore, including the launch of a new project about living in one's true colors, whether one is a pink flamingo or a brown duck. Also on my list are to incite a small business revolution and become famous.

Yes siree. I am in search of new air.  A set of wings would be nice. I should check online.

P.S.  If you are planning to get somewhere, you might want to give me a call.  Maybe we can book seat sale and fly outa the current state together.

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