Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Expensive Walk

Spring is on the horizon.  The season of second chances and new growth.  Spring is when we make plans for everything from home renovations and fitness to getting new jobs and starting or growing a business.

It's hard to know where you are going if you can't envision it.  It's even harder if you are lacking intention.  The truth is any road will take you there, as long as you have no idea of where you are going.

Setting intention takes discipline, clarity and focus.  It requires a commitment to a single desire. A single outcome.  A single impact.  Intention is something that comes out of a heartfelt desire to move in a new and brave direction.

I set an intention a long time ago to live and work with purpose.  To me that means doing the things that help others, that create a legacy, and that inspire others to find their purpose.  In 2011 I started a company - Lynear Thinking -  in order to bring reality to the intention.

Since then I have been taking steps such as building a community and connecting with those with common values and goals, making friends in good places, being healthy mentally, physically and spiritually and doing work that I am passionate about with and for people who are doing good things.

In 2012 I bought SKY magazine. As the publisher I choose to use this magazine to further my intention by promoting people who are living and working on purpose, creating a legacy, and inspiring others.

My clients are part of this journey towards intention because they inspire the way ahead.

Intentions can take a long time to realize, in fact intentions are sometimes years in creation.  Without a plan and checking back, you will never know if up you are getting to where you want to go or just out for an expensive walk.

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