Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adieu 2011: It's been nice, but I've got to keep moving.

Dear 2011,

Year end is a pause and a celebration.
Some very good things happened this year that have been in the works for a while.

In 2006, I created and implemented a strategy to change direction, both personally and professionally. Essentially, I challenged convention and walked against the traffic in my work and personal life.

Two things happened. An accident of poetry resulted, and I have made changes in my life that continue to inspire the way ahead in terms of health, self awareness, helping others and work.

Joining Gold's Gym 5 years ago was liberating as I got hooked on group fitness classes. Last year, I became an fitness instructor at Golds, teaching Centergy, which is a yoga / palates combination that challenges and redefines the brain and the body. I love it because not only does it keep me focused on my own fitness goals, it helps others to set and achieve their goals. I have to say teaching 2 hours a week is the best 2 hours of my week, because it's all about them, and not about me. And that is the secret to happiness. To get off the "me" track and help others stay on their track.

Self awareness is about paying attention to the negative noise that bombards our lives, understanding how we interpret these sounds, and managing a response. In 2006, the process that I embarked on included writing 30 minutes a day. Surprisingly the output was in a poetic form of expression. After 5 years of learning about the publishing process and editing, I titled this accident of poetry:

"Died of a . . . a private collection of lives lived so far, found walking against the traffic and told through an accident of poetry" 

The manuscript was finally delivered to a publisher for consideration this week. I will not be giving up my day job. But as my daughter says, that's the only way you will know.  Fingers crossed, but I will continue to write, whatever the outcome.

Giving back is an important part of my life and business philosophy. Over the past 2 years, I have been helping George Reed establish his George Reed Foundation as a member of the Board. We are proud of our first gala fundraiser in December.  Working with the Board and the planning committee has been one of my great joys of 2011. It feeds my soul, and now we can help people who have disabilities or are disadvantaged in our community.

Family Services Regina is another non-profit that I continue to support, both as a Board member and whenever possible in the community.  This agency helps families and individuals who are suffering in a cycle of abuse with a myriad of professional programs and services. We hold two fundraisers a year - Juke Box Jive and a Luncheon.  I urge you to get involved by attending or providing sponsorship and donation.

In the work quadrant, after 16 years of a freelance love affair with strategy and communications, Lynear Thinking Strategy and Communications Consulting Ltd. came out of the proverbial corporate closet with a declared focus on creativity, entrepreneurialism and opportunity.

In 2012, you will find me working with a brand of leadership and teams who are creative, entrepreneurial and optimistic. And you will find me at the gym.

So 2011, it's been nice, but as the song goes, "I've got to keep on moving".  2012, I will see you on the other side of midnight. 

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