Saturday, June 5, 2010

Using my powers for good . . .

It was 1996.  I was sitting on the stage at convocation. When I entered university, I set a goal to graduate and to become a writer. I pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English, and a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications from the University of Regina. I remember thinking, now what?  Before I left the stage, I had a plan.

I set some early career targets to move me along my path of becoming a writer and away I went, finding things to write about. I worked as a journalist, corporate communicator, policy analyst, strategic planner and facilitator for a variety of companies, including national and provincial crowns, credit union companies, non-profits and private businesses.   

During the course of this work, I facilitated approximately 400 planning sessions, produced about 50 plans and strategies, as well as more speeches and presentations than I can remember.  I wrote and published poetry.  And it was good.  The work was recognized by my peers in the communications industry, as well as people such as the Auditor General of Canada for my work in annual reporting. 

A funny thing happened on the way to this goal.  I discovered the power of the written word, and the change that can happen when people come together to bring those written words to life.  I have also learned that the path of change is not always linear, nor predictable.  It is one that must take in a variety of perspectives and interests to share the vision. Finally I learned that when one's values align with the work, the work becomes important.  

So now, I am turning my attention to using my powers of good communication, writing and thinking to help legacy builders and thought leaders bring their important work to life with compassion for others, honesty and integrity.  

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