Monday, November 30, 2009

I respectfully decline . . .

Ideas that are borne out of the inability or fear to imagine.
That a disagreement constitutes a need for a change. Sometimes right is right.
The assertion that one person has the right to control another person.
Attempts to make others feel inadequate.
The judgement of a person's ideas or values if they are true.
That we are responsible for other's lack of knowledge. We live in the information age. There is no excuse.
The view that only others make mistakes.
That arrogance and confidence are the same thing.
The notion that only winners win.
That one person's fear is the responsibility of others to conquer.
That people with an education are the only people capable of being intelligent.
That leaders are only capable of leading.
That visionaries are only leaders.
That to be a leader one cannot admit fault.
The values of others if they are not consistent with one's own values.
The notion that team be used as a convenient term when otherwise there is no "we" or "us".

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